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Erdoğan has not been in power for a few days, he has 12 years of history, 12 years full of corruption and lies. What is listed in this blog post is, like the current corruption scandal itself, only a spark of the self destructing lies.

As the many media networks and governments are commenting on Turkey’s censorship on social networks, people shouldn’t forget how it has come to this situation, especially where your governments acted like the 3 monkeys “don’t see - don’t hear - don’t speak”.

The Gezi park protest resulted in the death of dozens and the hospitalizing and arresting of thousands. It sparked a new wave of protest. People were killed by riot police during the Gezi protest. How many police officers were fired? How many investigations are running regarding police brutality? 0. How many police officers were transferred or fired in the Turkish government’s reaction to the investigations in the  corruption scandal? 6000+. The US Government critized the massive use of tear gas by Turkish riot police, but aren’t the USA and Brazil the top countries shipping tons of tear gas to Turkey? Why is the USA which has some bad experience with islamists and radical Islamic groups still hosting Fethullah Gülen who has been described by DER SPIEGEL as “The Godfather” and who is even more right wing then Erdoğan?

Why is the US, the government which is monitoring the whole world under “national security interest”, so concerned  about the censorship in Turkey? Turks would rather face censorship and take 1-2 hours to collect information and bypass it, than have their online life copied by the NSA.

Where was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when Erdoğan spread lies during his rallies that “Turkey has reset its liabilities, but the IMF needs to borrow money from Turkey now”?

Did any government do anything more than issue press releases when doctors and medical students were criminalized by Turkish law for literally saving people’s lives during protests?

How can the USA talk for 11 years about Turkey as a democratic country when Erdoğan said at a conference [which conference] back in 1997: “democracy can never be a  goal, […] democracy is a tool. […] The 21th century will be mark as the century of an islamic civilization”? Did your government shake hands with the Turkish PM who in 1994 explained why “One cannot be both, secular and muslim”? What could the existence of 81.984 mosques and 67.000 schools tell them about the country’s secularity? Does Turkey have a high priority on mental or physical health with 77.000 religious officials and 90.000 doctors? (Numbers from 2012)

Turkey has been working on its EU membership for 11 years, but didn’t the EU once look up on YouTUBE where Erdogan declared back  in the 90s that “The European community is a union of christian catholic states. We will not enter this boiler.”? Where democracy is based on the power and sovereignty of the people, how can your governments sit at a table with a person who thinks that “Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation. Look, this is a lie. Sovereignty  unconditionally belongs to God.”?

Erdoğan did not come to power just before the corruption scandal, the Gezi protest or the censorship of Twitter and YouTUBE. Just like Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad, Erdogan has also a past. A past your government did not want you to see. How can it be that those type of “revolutions" are happening only in the middle east? Who gave Assad the chemicals? Which country’s leaders were shaking hands with Mubarak and Gaddafi while people were getting killed? Which government told you that Erdoğan is "both, secular and muslim”?

Supporting fascism is a horrible thing. Staying silent with the knowledge about it is even worse. Sometimes it takes more than to put on your suit, get in front of cameras and say how false the Turkish government is acting. Like Gaddafi, Assad, Mubarak; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has a past of an 11 year long autocratic leadership. As George Orwell would say "Who controls [your knowledge of] the past controls the future.

The question you should ask yourself and especially your government is not: “Is it time for Erdogan to go?” but “Was there ever a time to let Erdogan come?